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09 January 2011 @ 12:12 am

So, I was trying to plan on updating this LJ more often, but it seems i've failed that already lol
Well, anyway, the past few days haven't been the best, cause i've been pretty sick...but oh well haha.
Anyway, today (sunday) I was supposed to go hang out with my friends, but since i'm sick I can't.. :c
but I am going to go to gamestop to get my shiny Raikou LOL u_u; Atleast I am going to try to...
cause wi-fi sucks on my DS, for some reason.

Uhm so yeah, nothing new has honestly happened lol all i've still been doing is babysitting....uhh
Well, ok the only really new thing is i've taken up dancing again~ lol Just so I can be more active
and not so bored of my life xD I've been singing more often as well, or trying toooo~....cause I want to
try auditioning for Avex again, or any of those music companies this year lol maybe i'll win this year?
Only one way to really find out I suppose~

I found out about this song today, and I love it LOL it's so catchyyyy

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